How I Can Help

There is a lot of painting classes and online lessons available, but NOTHING is like the McNaughton Painting Method. This is not your Kindergarten Painting Class. Your art will have a professional quality, yet you can be a complete beginner – never having picked up a brush before!

I will walk you through each step of completing your painting and you will learn as you go. Thirty years painting experience helps to know what needs to happen.

This is also not a conventional painting class. If you have a lot of art experience you will hear much that is unique to my methods. This is solid painting, in a traditional manner, somewhat similar to the Old Masters, yet in acrylic paints. Acrylics are marvelous in that using my method they look like oils without the toxicity and messy clean up required. You may never go back to oils after trying my method.

I make my living painting religious and patriotic images, and my landscape painting is the way I RELAX! So, if you would like to learn the art of relaxing, and creating beautiful paintings, lets have some fun together.

Remember, every painting should be your masterpiece!

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Here is the Free Painting —

DSC_0089 copy 2_Fotor

FREE Painting – The beauty of “French Cafe.” This is the first painting you can do with us. (Click image to see larger.)