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I want YOU to SUCCEED! In order that you have no risk, I’m offering FREE ACCESS so you can find out for yourself. NO CONTRACT, you can paint at your own speed. Give it a shot – paint one of the pictures and see how it goes. If you have the DESIRE you will become an artist of beautiful paintings.

Registration will provide access to the following:

  • One FREE McNaughton Class Painting with Full Instructions [Sample]
  • Audio commentary and inspiration [Sample]
  • Brushstroke Tips – Details on how to do each of the six brushstrokes.
  • Mixing Tips – Details on how to mix paints properly.
  • Drawing Tips – Special Instruction to improve your skills.
  • Value Tips – Special Instruction to improve your efficiency of mixing and seeing tones properly.
  • Free Critiques – If you would like to have your painting critiqued and are willing to have everyone see my comments, you can submit them to me and I will choose some to critique and post. Your name will remain anonymous, but you’ll learn a ton! 
  • Student Showcase – A gallery of students’ work from their own making.



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After you register and feel ready, choose from the many beautiful McNaughton paintings with full instructions, including audio, of the artist describing the process. These are not videos, but detailed step-by step instructions with images and inspiration only accessable on the website. Each new class painting is available at the price of $16.95 and will be available online for you to access anytime for as long as you need. Your paintings will look wonderful, and you will be amazed, as your skills grow with each new painting.

Now, Let’s paint something beautiful!