Materials List

Beautiful Painter must have the artist’s tools!

Plan to invest a small amount in your brushes, paints and a few items, so that you can have a pleasant experience creating your “Masterpiece.” If you already have some supplies, carefully go through the list provided to see if what you are using is comparable. One of the first mistakes new artists sometimes make is to skimp on their supplies, often they try to make do with old materials or a partial list. This changes the painting experience dramatically! To avoid problems, please follow the materials list provided here closely. 

Each of the art items listed has been personally approved by me. These can be purchased from at extremely good prices. I make no profit from these sales, as I want you to find the best price and quality as possible to get you started.

Here are the steps to get your materials:

  1. Read the short list “About the Supplies.”
  2. Assess what supplies you already own.
  3. Follow the instructions listed below.
  4. Purchase what you need.
  5. When materials arrive, check your supplies and sign up for your first class!


About the Supplies:00605-4074-2ww-m00616-7873-3ww-l


I prefer acrylics because the clean up is easy, they lack the toxicity of oils, and I get all the beauty of oils without the mess! There are a total of 11 colors that are sufficient to create every possible nuance of color for the class paintings. Not all brands are compatible, so be sure to follow the list closely.

Brushes:06540-group-1-2ww-m06847-1006-1-2ww-m I have selected the same four brushes for you that I use in my own work. Acrylics are hard on brushes, but these should hold up well. The only time I worry about the quality of the brush is if I06846-1008-1-2ww-m notice hairs falling out excessively. (They are long-handled brushes – pictures cropped.)06846-1008-1-2ww-m


I use a white disposable palette for its convenience and effectiveness. Don’t use anything else unless you want to have a headache!

Gesso and boards:14945-group3ww-l

You will need to prepare your own boards to have the best results. When we start your first painting I’ll walk you through how to do that – its easy.  If you plan to really go after this you may want to consider buying more than the few boards that are included in the Dickblick purchase list online. They are not expensive.


I have included a small bottle of gloss varnish in the purchase list. You can use a can of spray varnish if you wish, but I find the bottle more convenient. That’s up to you.


If you already have an easel you can delete the item on your cart, or upgrade to something nicer. These table top easels work great for starting out.

Other items:

You will need to gather a few other items to get started like paper towels, water container to hold your brushes, some tape, a pencil. Some students like to get a nice container to hold everything. It’s up to you. The idea is to make all this “material stuff” a non-issue so you can focus on what is important – creating that beautiful painting!

  • If you think you may already have some of these supplies, or prefer to buy from a local store than to order from Dick Blick, here is a Material List you can check to see if you have some of these supplies: Click Here for Materials List


Go to and on the black toolbar at the top click registries & lists > Blick U. Find and click: “Utah” under State, and “McNaughton Art Classes” under School Name. Click “Search” and you will see the link for McNaughton Art Classes.



The class list will appear with the recommended number of each item and in the green box what you can purchase. Edit the cart to delete or add items you think you will need. Input the number of each item you wish to purchase in the green box under “Buy.” If items are out of stock be prepared to wait until the date stated for them to ship.



At the bottom of the page are optional items, such as varnish, transfer paper, and a table easel, which you will need to input in the green “buy” box if you wish to also purchase. I would suggest having these if you do not already.


Remember, don’t skimp or try to make due. You will use each item. The easel selected will work wonderfully, but Dickblick has a good selection of different easels if you want to upgrade. You may also choose to purchase more than the three small boards selected in the list. These are 11X14 inches, which is the suggested size. When you are ready click “Add to Cart” and finish your purchase of supplies.

Wish List 3

On the homepage of, at the top are sometimes promo codes that you can use to save additional money. Purchases over $99.00 are usually FREE SHIPPING, and sometimes under $69.00 is free shipping too. Promotional sales do not apply to items that are already tagged as a sale item. If you purchase everything on the list you would spend $106.41. Much of these supplies will last you for well over a year.

Sometimes certain items may be out of stock. The item will be marked with the date it will be available to ship. Plan for this accordingly.

When the supplies arrive, check your order to see if everything is in good condition. The order should come with a packing slip if you choose to exchange or return any items.


Go to Making Space to learn how to setup your studio. Go to Step 3 to register for your Free Membership and get started with your masterpiece!

Now that YOU have your MATERIALS

you are ready to paint something beautiful!

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