What Is It?

Basic Plan (Easy Going Level) $14.99 a month

This is a great plan for those who want to take it SLOW and enjoy the RELAXATION. It’s fun, informative and your paintings will get better and BETTER – one month at a time. If you plan to paint from 5 -10 hours a month, this plan is for you! (No contract – cancel anytime.)

1. ONE “New” McNaughton Class Painting a month – Here is where is gets fun. Every month a new painting; some kind of landscape, but always different. Some may be more challenging than others, but I will walk you through each one so that it turns out beautifully!
2. FREE painting from the 10-Day Free Access that you can finish at your leisure. Of course you can keep working on the Free painting you started with if its not done.
3. Audio Commentary and Inspiration Just like before.
4. Drawing Tips (Special Instruction to improve your skills.) Now that you understand the brushstroke basics lets add to that. These drawing tips will make a huge difference in your paintings.
5. Value Tips (Special Instruction to improve your efficiency of mixing and seeing tones properly.) This will be a good extension upon what you learned about “mixing paint” from the Free Trial Period. I’ve got to be sure you are seeing good results, having fun, and building your knowledge.

This access fee is so affordable for what you receive in return. My live classes are $50.00 a month for the six hours and that’s cheap. Why do I do this so inexpensive? Because I don’t want you to have any excuse to not do what you love! Just a couple hours a week and you’ll be creating these beautiful paintings. If you feel encouraged and motivated, try out the Gold – Apprentice Level. To qualify for Gold – Apprentice Level you simply need the desire. So, just relax and enjoy the experience of creating YOUR MASTERPIECE!

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