What Is It?

Gold Plan (Apprentice Level) $29.99 a month

If you have a great DESIRE and want to learn EVERYTHING, let me help you on a journey to learn all the principles of beautiful painting. YES, it is relaxing, but challenging too. I will teach you everything I know at your own pace. If you plan to paint 6+ hours a month and learn the McNaughton Method – WELCOME to my world. (No contract, cancel anytime.)

All the benefits of the Basic Plan — plus…

1.  Additional Paintings to rotate EVERY 30 DAYS — More than two paintings a month to choose from!
2.  Additional audio with the new paintings — Fun artist tips and comments during the instructions to keep you motivated and “in the zone.”
3.  Brushwork Training — Learn how to make that brush do what it needs to do, tons of new strokes for different needs – your going to love this!
4.  Weekly Ask the Artist – Where questions from Gold members are answered in detail!
5.  Free Critiques – If you would like to have your painting critiqued and are willing to have everyone see my comments, you can submit them to me and I will choose some to critique and post. Your name will remain anonymous, but you’ll learn a ton!
6.  Monthly Contests — Competition can be healthy, fun, and motivational. Plus you learn from other’s successes. Cool prizes too.
7.  Student Showcase – Show a gallery of students’ work from their own making.

8.  Grand Master Key – The greatest thing I can teach. (Will make available after one year of subscription.)

9.  Rotating Instructional Series on the following checklist: (These will be posted for the Gold Plan Participants Only.)

Details about Painting Materials

Acrylic vs. Oil

Single Most Important Aspect of the Painting

How to Get Great Ideas

The Ten Composition Strategies

Do’s and Don’ts of Composition

About Light in a Painting


How to Use Value (Tones)

How to Make Your Color Beautiful

Choosing Color Harmonies

McNaughton Color Mixes

Ten Principles of Brushstrokes

The Six Main Strokes

How to Paint: Trees, Skies, Sunsets, Paths, Water & Reflections, Hollyhocks, Roses, Irises, and More.

How to Add Figures and Animals

Full Demonstration

What is Art?

Maturing as an Artist

A Sure Road to Success

Art Education and Schools

Galleries and Selling Your Art

How to Price Your Paintings


How to Use Photography

Additional Thoughts

McNaughton’s 100 Principles of Great Art

Top Ten McNaughton Rules to Success

Suggested Books

A Challenge

and MORE…

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