What Is It?

10-Day FREE Access – NO Cost Trial Period

I want YOU to SUCCEED! In order that your risk is minimal, I’m giving a 10-day FREEBEE so you can find out for yourself. NO CONTRACT, you can CANCEL ANYTIME. Give it a shot – paint one of the pictures and see how it goes. If you have the DESIRE you will become the artist you hope to be.

1.  One FREE McNaughton Class Painting with Full Instructions [Sample]  I picked out a nice one for you to get the wheels o’running! Usually I give my students a full six hours in class to paint this, but since you are using my super-fantastic instructions, you can take your time!

2.  Audio commentary and inspiration [Sample] This is the next best thing to having me right there with you. I’ll be offering encouragement, instruction, and some McNaughton humor to boot! You’re not getting bored on my shift!

3.  Brushstroke Tips (Details on how to do each of the six brushstrokes.) I have to be sure your first painting with me is pretty darn good, so you’ll be excited for the next one – so I’m teaching you a few of my tricks right off the bat.

4.  Mixing Tips (Details on how to mix paints properly) Oh boy! I have to teach this first thing. If I don’t, you may take forever mixing your paints and wasting too much of that Grumbacher paint. Even my “Gold/Apprentice” friends better study this page!

As soon as the 10-Day Trial Period expires, your membership converts to a Basic Plan and you are charged 14.99 on a recurring monthly basis. You can cancel anytime, no contract.

I want you to have an enjoyable experience with these paintings. I know that sometimes there are situations where we must put aside our painting – so no worries, join us as often as you can. Are you ready to have some fun?

Before you sign up be sure to go through the section called – GETTING STARTED – at the top right of the homepage.


Let’s paint something beautiful!