Making Space

Where are YOU Going to Paint?

When I was newly married 25 years ago my wife gave me a three foot space next to the washing machine to set up my easel and studio. Those were the days! Now I have a spacious studio and an enormous crank easel to handle the larger paintings I do sometimes.

Your studio doesn’t need to be too large. You simply will need to dedicate a space in your house where you can sit down and paint your beautiful paintings.

It is ideal to have a place where you don’t have to pull out your paints and set up each time your ready to start. At the same time, you need a place that is safe enough to not worry about the kids, grandkids, pets, etc. from getting into your materials.  If you can’t have a permanent space, try and make it easy to pull everything out when you need to – have a materials cart or box for easy access.

Do YOU Need an Easel?50512-1010-3ww-l

To begin, you really don’t need more than a table top easel. These will handle sizes up to about 16X20 inches. Anything bigger and you will need a tall easel. It is good to use an upright easel when painting, so you can stand back and view your painting from time to time.

Because this is an online class, you will need to set up somewhere that you can use the internet. Any table space will work. Today, you can set up your studio anywhere and experience a “virtual” art class experience!

  1. Use your home desktop computer. (Nice for the larger screen.)
  2. Use your laptop and set up anywhere you have Wi-Fi access.
  3. Use your I-pad..
  4. Use Your smart phone.


Lighting in Your Studio

Besides a comfortable space with internet access, the next thing to consider is lighting. There are many options to consider. First rule is to simply have enough light where you don’t need to strain your eyes. Try to have the same amount of light on your picture as is on your mixing palette. Here are a few ways to handle it:

  • Set up an adjustable reading lamp that attaches to the table. Be sure you can have enough light on your palette too. You might need a couple of lamps.$_57
  • If you want to go BIG TIME- install a couple of fluorescent balanced light banks in the ceiling. These “daylight” banks are more like natural sunlight and have a full spectrum of light. Regular bulbs or banks may be too yellowish, but one can still make a good painting with these if you have to.e74b6b48-0ad2-4914-9c2a-b325a0088bd9_400
  • You can use natural outdoor light, but you don’t want direct sunlight on your painting or palette. If you plan to paint at night you would need the artificial light anyway.
  • I knew a guy who bragged of using candlelight to paint – not the best idea!



This is YOUR STUDIO – make it special if you can!

Email me a picture of YOU in your studio, and if its OK with you I may want to post it to show others how they may want to set up their own studios. Our classes are for you as an individual, but we are also a community of friends who want to help each other learn the art of creating beautiful landscape paintings!

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