Materials List

Here is a materials list if you think you may have some of the supplies. Be careful not to try and cut corners. If you have the wrong supplies it may cause your painting experience to be less successful. Some of the paint colors are different depending on the brand.

11X14 masonite panels (Dick Blick is the cheapest I’ve found, but some of you may have good sources.)

Artist gesso (The cheap gesso sometimes can cause more problems.)

Disposable paper palette (Makes it much easier.)



Round 00

Bright, size 10 (3/4 inch wide)

Flat, size 6 (half inch wide)

Flat, size 1 (quarter inch wide)


Liquitex soft body acrylics:

Cad Red Medium Hue

Cad Yellow Medium Hue

Ivory Black

Napthol Crimson Red


Academy Acylics (Grumbacher):

Hookers Green

Raw Umber

Thalo Blue

Titanium White

Ultramarine Blue

Cad orange

Burnt Sienna


Artist Oil Varnish (In bottle, but you can substitute in spray.)

Transfer Paper (Carbon tracing paper, black)

Table Easel